What if politicians were

Awais Qazi is running for General Assembly to bring people together and raise awareness for issues that affect us all.

It’s time to step up.

Awais Qazi is running for General Assembly in New Jersey District 29.

Day by day, it is becoming more and more clear that we have a government that is not currently working in the best interest of the American people. It is time for ordinary people, like you and me, to make our voices heard. We need more diverse candidates to run for office on every level: Local, County, State, and Federal. We need to have communities get together periodically and have discussions about the issues that matter to them and to ensure that those conversations are conveyed to elected officials so that they can best represent the district. We need to ensure that more people are encouraged to become active participants in their communities.

The only thing that is stronger than the influence of money in politics is the influence of strong communities standing together and speaking up for the issues that matter to them.This is how we make America work for us.

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What do I stand for?

Clean Water

Over 15,000 homes in Newark have lead service lines that need to be replaced. We need to raise awareness and fix this crisis immediately.

Public Education

We need to invest in better public education for our children and vocational schools and job training programs for adults. Education is opportunity.

Medicare for All

Healthcare is a human right. Every highly developed country in the world has Universal Healthcare. Let’s work together and bring it to New Jersey.

End Corporate Welfare

An audit of New Jersey showed that $11 billion dollars in tax credits were given to large companies with no way to ensure new jobs were created. This is unacceptable.

Local Involvement in Politics

Our elected officials should be listening to us all the time, not just during an election cycle. Our goal is to inspire more people to speak up and get involved in local activism.

Combat Climate Change

Climate Change is real and poses a significant threat to New Jersey. We have an opportunity to create a new, renewable energies based economy and create thousands of new jobs.

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